Our Story


“We take pride in our food with hand-breaded appetizers, hand-formed burgers, homemade salad dressings and wing sauces. This is not just a business, it is a labor of love.” – Kim Phillippi


Where It All Began

Mark and Kim Phillippi and several other family members bought P&M Pizza of Arnold in 1994. Five years later they decided to expand and move the restaurant to Harrison.

They wanted to serve more than pizza, and the kitchen and building at the new location afforded them that opportunity, including the ability to offer breakfast. The menu has tripled in size over the past decade and a half and their customer base has grown accordingly.

Having purchased the exact P&M recipe from former owners Lefty and Mooney Martz, the Phillippis created their Birdville Pie, in honor of the Birdville section of Harrison where Phillippi’s is located.

The Phillipp’s trained with the Martzes of P&M for six months to learn and perfect the recipe and are the only restaurant in the world to have it. Others may attempt to imitate it, but they can’t authentically duplicate it.


What People are Saying

favorite pie

This is my favorite pie hands down. I literally drive 40 minutes regularly to have this pizza.

Tom M.

never disappoints

A large Birdville with pepperoni and extra cheese never disappoints. Anytime I’m traveling near (or even remotely in that direction), I stop in and take dinner home.

Trish I.

great service

Excellent food and great service. Nice atmosphere and reasonably priced
Markus P.